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Telling the Story

Sharing Family History at Family Reunions

toomer_badgeDo you need ideas for sharing family history at your next reunion? Get family reunion ideas in just 11minutes. This podcast presents three ways to make your next reunion special. The suggestions presented are mostly low tech and will be enjoyed by all ages.

Also in this episode:

  • News: Google and the National Archives’ on-line venture, genealogy television
  • Emails Received: Entering pension file affidavits into The Master Genealogist

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Listen to Episode 002: Telling the Story

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How do you share family history at your family reunion? Do you have any questions about the ideas presented? Click the “Add comment” link below or send an email to

Next Episode: Clear Your Clutter Part 2: Sorting and Staying Clutter Free.

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Clear Your Clutter

Organizing Genealogical Paper Files
Part 1 Choosing a System

binders2How are your genealogy files arranged? Try using the category filing system. Learn more during the main segment. This will be the first of two parts. After listening to the podcast go to the Resources page to view a list of categories.

This episode is about 17 minutes long. In addition to the main topic, each episode contains, news, and emails received relating to genealogy, history and family reunions.

In this episode:

  • News: New database at, hire a researcher for as little as $55, free digitized books online
  • Motivation: Share your research with your family.
  • Emails Received: Slave ship Wanderer, Native American Ancestry
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Listen to Episode 001: Clear Your Clutter

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How do you currently organize your files? After listening to the podcast, do you think you will use the category system? Click the “Add comment” link or email the show .

Next Episode October 29, 2006: Telling the Story: Genealogy at Family Reunions

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What is a Podcast?

Listening to Genealogy ON DEMAND

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To keep it simple, a podcast is an audio or video file. What makes these files special is that you can subscribe and receive automatic updates. But you do not need to subscribe to listen.



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Welcome to Genealogy ON DEMAND

Genealogy when you want and where you want
Genealogy Oo Demand Artwork
Each week listen to a new episode featuring family history research and family reunion topics. We will discuss organizing your genealogy files, creating family reunion fundraisers and web sites, genealogy software and much more.

In addition to the main how to segment, news/ product information as well as a motivation. We could all use a little motivation now and then, especially when it appears that we have hit a brickwall.

The information on this site is free and created by me, Shamele Jordon. Please feel free to email or post comments and questions. You can post to this blog or you can email me at

Thanks to for stopping by. I hope that you will continue to visit.


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