This page contains resources for the Genealogy ON DEMAND podcast.

Episode 001- Clear Your Clutter: Organizing Genealogical Paper Files

Episode 002- Telling the Story: Sharing Family History at Family Reunions

  • Roots Television:
  • The Family Reunion Institute:
  • Reunions magazine:
  • Toomer Family Display:
  • Toomer Reunion badge:
  • The Master Genealogist:
  • Legacy:
  • Episode 003- Clear Your Clutter Part 2: Sorting, Filing and Maintaining

  • Sample File List: Ep003 File List
  • Reunions Magazine:
  • The Family Reunion Institute:
  • Genealogy Topix Blog:
  • Dick Eastman:
  • Tony Burroughs (FUGA):
  • Episode 004- Family Reunion Fundraising: Raising Money and Creating Memories

    Episode 005- Portable Genealogy: You and Your Ancestors on the Road

    Episode 006- Family Birthday Calendar

    Episode 007- Family Website vs. Family Blog


    Episode 008- How Research German Ancestors is Different

    Episode 009- Google Genealogy

    Episode 010- DNA Fun at Your Family Reunion

  • National Genealogical Society:
  • The Family Reunion Institute:
  • 24/7 Family History Circle:
  • Google Patents:
  • Internet Genealogy Magazine:
  • Episode 011- The Genealogy Study Group Report

    Episode 012- Avoid Genealogy Deja vu: Create a Better Research Workflow

    Episode 015- Saving Stories


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